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Magnet therapy

These challenging times have been very tricky for me as a reflexologist. I haven’t been able to be there for my clients in time of need. That made me look around and find another way to help. I came across Magnetix Wellness, well, one of my lovely reflexology colleagues introduced it to me, and it intrigued me straight away. I’m passionate about holistic and natural approach to health and magnet therapy just ticked all the boxes.
Magnetix Welness products not only are fantastic for helping with all sorts of issues, but they also look amazing. There is a whole range of beautiful jewellery for women, men and children. But, what I love the most, are the wellness products, such as water magnets, Power heart, magnetic insoles, sleep masks, back bandage and even foot reflex zone mat to name the few. There is a range of products for pets too. As you can tell, the range of products is vast, so there is something for everyone. No matter if you have any health issue or not, magnetic jewellery or an accessory may just be a thing that puts the spring back in your step. :)

There is a digital or a FREE paper copy of a catalogue available!

Always feel free to message me for more information, to get a catalogue or to order! :)
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💛My story

My story, how I came about magnet therapy, is very simple really. As I said, my lovely reflexology colleague introduced it to me. She was so passionate about the great effects she has had from wearing magnetic jewellery and a product called Powerheart, that I thought, I’ll give it a try. I bought the Powerheart, which is just a small but very powerful magnet that can be clipped onto the clothes where ever you need it. I was surprised by the immediate sensations it gave me. I wore it every day observing how my body feels. And I have a quite a list of positive changes that have occurred since I have been wearing my Powerheart magnet.
💛My energy levels have improved immensely.
💛I feel warm!!! Anyone who knows me, know I’m always cold. Well, not anymore!
💛I find it very calming, when I wear my Powerheart at the back of my head.
💛Muscle tension in my neck, which caused me headaches, is gone.
💛Back pain and joint pain has improved.
💛But best of all – I don’t have to suffer from period pain anymore!!!
I love wearing my magnets! They make me feel great!

I’m really excited to share these amazing products with you, and I'm so looking forward to helping you maintain and improve your physical and mental health by using the power of magnets, made to look and feel great! :)

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💜The power of magnets

The Earth is surrounded by a Magnetic Field and we all have our own energy field around us too. Our modern lifestyle, using a lot of technologies on daily basis and not spending enough time outside creates an imbalance in our biofield. This causes stress, tiredness, tension, anxiety, sleep issues and headaches.
Magnets not only bring our biofield back into balance and help us feel grounded, but it also works on our blood and circulation. Our organs get a better and more efficient supply of oxygen, vitamins and other nutrients promoting metabolism. This explains why so many different symptoms such as insomnia, depressive moods and general tiredness can be improved by wearing magnetic jewellery and accessories.
Many Magnetix products, such as bracelets and Powerheart , are combined with copper, which have anti-inflammatory properties and also can alleviate pain.
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💚Negative ions

There is a whole range of magnetic products available (necklaces, bracelets, anklets) containing negative ions. So, what are they?
The air is filled with positive and negative ions. The negative ions have a good, health-promoting effect on our body. They contribute to formation of new healthy cells in the body, they ensure that toxins are excreted and they strengthen the immune system.
The amount of negative ions in the air in our environment varies: up to 50,000 per cm³ close to a waterfall, about 3,000 per cm³ in a forest, up to 500 per cm³ in a well ventilated room and only up to 100 negative ions per cm³ in an air-conditioned room.
To maintain a good health, we should spend our time in the environments with at least 1000 negative ions per cm³. Our negative ion jewellery contains natural substances such as tourmaline, amethyst, germanium and titanium, which produce negative ions (1700 -1800) through their natural properties allowing their health promoting effects to unfold.
The negative ion jewellery is made from a hypo-allergenic silicone, it is very durable and it is ideal for wearing during exercising and outdoor activities. It is suitable for anyone – men, women and children.
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💙Magnets and water

Water is naturally magnetised at source. Once it leaves the ground it loses its natural magnetism and picks up chalk, limescale and other particles before it reaches our taps.
When we add a magnet to our glass of water, it takes away these impurities and the PH has been returned to that of rainwater. It is smoother, softer and it will break up the water molecules so you will hydrate much quicker.
Our Magnetix water products can also be used for hot drinks, fizzy drinks and alcoholic drinks to improve the taste as well as give you the magnetic benefit.
Using a Magnetic stick may help to
💙 reduce inflammation,
💙give you more energy,
💙improve your digestion,
💙help with acid reflux,
💙kidney and gall bladder issues,
💙 IBS,
💙colitis and
💙It can also help with mouth ulcers.
💙Bathing in magnetised water improves eczema and psoriasis.
Watersticks come in three sizes and many different designs. The are also magnetic bands available for your waterbottle, when you are on the go.

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